Ruff Redesign

Client  Ruff
Type  Website
Design / Development  Richor Wang
Time  2017-04 is the official website of Ruff, an IoT startup company based in Shanghai. During internship, I redesigned it from prototype to front-end engineering, giving a new look to the visual system of Ruff.


The previous website had a visual image of cute and friendly, fitting the aim of the product to be used easily and fast. However, there seems to be no strong visual system as well as clear user flow.


Information Design

The aim of the site turns out to introduce the product and appeal customers to use. After analyzing users and resources, I improved the information flow of the landing page to make it smoother and more efficient.


Visual Design

After Prototyping, I started to rearrange the visual system of Ruff.
I kept the cyan color which originated from the development board, but used gradients for a smarter visual appearance. I also made improvements in typography and illustration.


Since the site also has a crucial part: documentations for developers, which needs professionality but also needs to be friendly to beginners. I used new font sets, typography settings and code palette for better reading experience.


I didn’t complete the site well enough as I expected, but for the first time I experienced the whole process of web design. It is hard to balance user’s needs with product ambition, to make a strong and impressive visual system, to copy my Sketch perfectly with CSS.
Still a long way to go, and special thanks to Bonnie and Gary for helping me in this project.


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