Client  Self Project
Type  Typography, Website
Design / Development  Richor Wang
Time  2017-07

Provoke is a display typeface made with Glyphs app during TypeSchool by 3type. It was designed mostly for magzine and website headlines with strong display. 177 glyphs, multi-language and OpenType support.

The idea comes from the logotype of a Japanese Photography magazine Provoke in 1980s. I am quite obsessed with the style of photos at that time, revolutionary and bold,and the visual language of the magazine convey the similar emotion. So I decided to recover it in a special way – make a font.

In TypeSchool, I spent a week learning Glyphs from the very beginning, and complete a rough version in July.
In the next two months, I added lower cases and diacritics to support multiple western languages. A good design always needs iterations and polishes.

There is never an end making a font, which is a complex visual system rather than simply drawing glyphs one by one. I spent much time balancing everything, from stroke shape, the curves, glyphs height, to spacing and kerning.

I also used Provoke in my photography zine design. It looks good for titles.

For better presentation, I also made a website for the font. As a front-end beginner, I learned to use CSS grid and parallax scrolling while making it. Since I want to update this font with more interesting features, I need such a place to put updates on.

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