Client  Myself
Type  Service Design

Time  2019-08
hibi is an app with conversational UI for daily life log. People can chat with AI chatbot and write their dairy automatically every day.


It is always difficult to keep a diary for a long time. But at the same time, people want to record their life in a simple way. hibi is an app to help people keep a diary smartly and smoothly.


Problems & Oppotunities
I made a research to find pain points of keeping diaries. I found that more than half of them are willing to keep a diary to record daily life and not to forget important things. However, no matter writing on paper or digital notes, it is quite annoying to keep the habit everyday. 

In contrast, there is a trend that young people start to keep simple diaries on SNS like twitter. It remind me of the conversational UI to help people solve the problem of keeping a diary.

ユーザーの悩みを探すため、リサーチをしました。その結果、半分以上の人は日記を書きたいが、手帳あるいはデジタルメモで続けるのは難しい。 そして、今の若者はツイーターで気持ちを記録するのは流行っている。もしもこの軽い形式を日記ツールにするのはどうでしょうか。


I made all UX and UI design in this project.
There are five main flows in hibi: the main conversation, daily log, monthly log, memory search, and setting.
By chatting with an AI bot, users can “tell” their mood or reflections to hibi, and hibi will arrange the daily chat log into an article for users to read back. 
Monthly log screen shows the meta data of users’ diary, and it is also linked to the memory search function. Memory search helps users find their diary quickly, by three tags: date, photo and word. 

「hibi」の中で、五つ機能がある:会話・日々・月々・思い出・設定。 ユーザーはAIボットと会話しながら、気持ちや考えをhibiに伝え、そしてhibiは毎日の会話を文章にまとめて、ユーザーは文章で振り返るのもできる。

Visual Design

In UI design, I take the sun as motif of the main visual. From day to night, the color of navigation bar change from bright orange to midnight blue, the sun and moon rises and sets. 
And of course, the key point of hibi is using conversational UI. I try to create a copy of “myself” for users in hibi, where users can talk with themselves, so it should be emotional and friendly enough to be talked with. I supposed a smart AI bot here, and make hibi support multimedia, designed emotional icons to fit the whole UI system. All I have done is to make it emotional for users so that they could write their moods and reflections freely in hibi.

UIデザインでは、「太陽」をモチーフにしている。朝から晩まで、ナビゲーションの色は明るいオレンジからミッドナイトブルーに移る。お日様とお月様はのぼるまたは沈む。 また、「hibi」は会話型UIを使い、ユーザーは「hibi」を通じて、自分のコピーと会話するのはできる。だから、「hibi」のUIは可愛い絵文字やアイコンを使って、友達のように親切のは大事。


Why do people write diaries?
Diaries can be memories, and memories show our existance.
Modern people are too busy drifting in waves of information, and thus be neglected to our own feelings. What do we eat yesterday, who are we with on last birthday. Although digital devices can record our data, these data are disheveled everywhere and need a place to arrange.
hibi links to different apps and get different data from users in a super natural way, like photos, videos, sounds and all other multimedia. With hibi, the digital device can finally show its real power to help people keep memories.



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